IRWA Chapter 27

The mission of the International Right-of-Way Association is to unite the efforts of its members toward individual development, improved service to employers and the public and improvement in the body of knowledge related to the professional tasks of its members. To achieve these goals, the Association provides a forum for the exchange and advancement of ideas, education courses and seminars, and a program of professional development.


Thank You to all those who attended and sponsored our events in our new year, new series: Making Right-of-Way Fun Again.

news you can use

Chapter 27 is proud to announce we now accept at-the-door luncheon payments by Apple Pay, Android Pay, tap-to-pay, and chip cards issued by Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover. No need to remember cash or that antiquated checkbook!

WINner winner!!

Chapter 27 is proud to take home the honor of the 2019 International IRWA Website of the Year award! 

We are also proud to have been a 2019 Finalist for Chapter of the Year - go Chapter 27!

Hot off the press

Chapter 27's Region 1 Young Professionals Committee Representative, Alexandra Bohlman, was published in the International Right of Way Magazine's March/April 2022 issue. Alex's article provides an overview of IRWA's Code of Ethics and provides some suggestions for best practices to those new to the profession. Read the full article by hovering over the image to the right and clicking "pop out."


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